PowerClip PRO32

The PowerClip PRO32 is a compact multifunctional device, small enough to attach to your keychain or just place in a pocket. PowerClip can charge your phone; help find your misplaced keys or phone, securely store your data; track your daily physical activity; and even has a built-in LED flashlight.


The PRO32 is perfect for those who need access to more portable memory.

Charging your phone couldn't be more convenient using our unique slide-out connector- simply slide out and plug in.

The PowerClip PRO32 has a custom internal 1000mAh high grade lithium polymer battery which will give your phone an extra 40%* charge level- priceless in those emergency situations.

The PowerClip was designed as an extension to your smartphone and when physically connected, the form factor allows you to continue talking on the phone while simultaneously charging. No hanging or dangling items to get in your way, just harmonious interaction.

Smart Design. Smart Technology.

The PowerClip was designed on three main principles- portability, usability and availability. So we created a device that was effortless to carry, intuiative to use and available any time on your keychain. Then we filled it with technology that supports modern lifestyles, empowering you to solve all kinds of every day problems quickly and efficiently.

PowerClip features a revolutionary slide-out connector which goes straight into the port on your smartphone, eliminating the need for carrying a charging lead. This mechanism also protects the connector from damage when retracted.

The multifunction button is used to carry out three actions- one quick press to check the battery level of the device, one long press to make your phone ring, and a double press in quick succession will turn the LED flash light both on and off.

Leaving your keys behind will become a thing of the past with PowerClip. As soon as your phone and keys break a certain pre-set distance, then your phone will be notified immediately, allowing you to quickly return and pick them up before someone else does.

A misplaced phone is just as easily found with PowerClip. Simply press and hold the multifunctional button, and the PowerClip sends a signal to your smartphone, which will in turn start ringing.

The PowerClip's internal accelerometer can sense when you drop your keys and instantly sends a notification to your phone via the app.

PowerClip PRO32 comes with 32GB of storage which you can use to keep photos, videos, music, movies and documents. If you run out of memory on your phone, simply plug-in your PowerClip and instantly boost your memory, never missing a moment.

Access to your PowerClip is password-protected via the app and can be done by plugging-in the PowerClip or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Photos can automatically save to your PowerClip wirelessly, keeping them safe and private.

PowerClip can record each step you take and then wirelessly updates the app to track your progress in steps, distance, colories and more- a fitness tracker on your keys.

Double pressing the multifunction button in quick succession will turn the LED flashlight both on and off, providing you with a handy emergency light.

Thrucharge allows you to integrate your PowerClip into your home charging system without any disruption. Simply connect your PowerClip to your phone and insert the micro USB power lead- your phone is given priority and will charge first, and the PowerClip will begin charging once your phone is at full power.

Double battery. Serious memory.

If you ever misplace your keys, you can easily locate them using the PowerClip smartphone app. The rough distance to the PowerClip will be displayed as well as an option to activate the loud built-in sounder.

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